Contractual disputes can arise unexpectedly and provide unnecessary stress and expenses, which can turn into drawn–out, unpleasant litigation. Relationships amongst the parties involved are often severed and the overall cost of the contract rises while the issue is being addressed. Our experienced team of lawyers at Salerno Law take a proactive and precise approach to managing contractual disputes. From ensuring the contracts you enter are watertight leaving no room for scrutiny and pending litigation, to actively working with you in the event of a dispute to develop the best legal strategy for an effective resolution.

Handling Contractual Disputes

Contractual disputes are a result of one or both of the parties involved in the contract not standing by the original agreement. Though unfortunate, disputes are a common occurrence, and if they aren’t handled in an efficient and effective manner, they can spiral and result in a significant loss in terms of time, costs and professional relationships. If you find yourself facing a contractual dispute, our professional team at Salerno Law can work with you to ensure it is resolved in a favourable manner with as little disruption to your day–to–day business as possible.

Contract Law in Australia is Vast and Complex

Contract Law in Australia is Vast and Complex

Contracts are signed between parties for a variety of reasons, and if you own a business, you are more than likely to have signed a few, such as:

  • Contract to buy a business
  • Contract to hire and employee
  • Contract to rent a commercial space
  • Contract between business partners.

Salerno Law has extensive knowledge and experience around contractual law and can help in negotiating and litigating a variety of different contracts relating to different industries. We offer extensive sound legal advice and work with you on a personal level to ensure we completely meet your needs. We are just as invested in the outcome of each and every case as you are, so you can count on our team to provide real results, fast.

Protecting Your Business

A breach of contract can have a serious effect on your business, whether it is leaving you short of employees, without a space to run your business or unable to operate due to issues with your business partner. It is important to ensure the impact on your business is minimal, and this is where Salerno Law can help you out.

Each and every business is unique and so is each and every contract you sign. Get the help you need from the outset, by having one of professional team members look over your contract to ensure it is watertight. If you do find yourself in a contractual dispute, we will help you resolve the issue in a fast and effective manner that results in minimal disruption to your business. Give us a call today.


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