The Human Element In COVID-19 Laws, Regulations, Policies and Directions

Salerno Law has a reputation as a leading firm that is passionate about staying ahead of the curve when it comes to matters of regulation and policy that develop as quickly as the governing powers behind the ever-changing Coronavirus (COVID-19) Directions.

We are committed to providing comprehensive, high-quality and practical legal advice that can be relied upon whether it be an individual asserting their fundamental human rights in the workplace or ensuring any direction that an employer gives an employee is legally justified, valid and enforceable.

We Have Professionals In Every Field

Our team of practitioners can provide outstanding legal knowledge in the legal sectors impacted by COVID-19 regulation and policy and regularly provide advice to both individuals and businesses on matters relating to:

  • mandatory vaccinations throughout the course of employment
  • mandatory wearing of face masks
  • adhering to the directions imposed by the State
  • compliance with lawful police directions
  • advice on the powers granted to officials under States of Emergency (State-by-State basis)
  • direct/indirect discrimination in accordance with the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)
  • potential for criminal charges if certain directions are not adhered to

Depending on the nature of the COVID-19 matter, Salerno Law has access to a wide array of professional Senior and Junior Counsel who can provide an experienced  opinion and advocacy in matters involving human rights, employment law, regulation and policy.

Constructive, Efficient, and Effective COVID-19 Law Practice

Our practitioners are highly skilled, experienced and motivated to achieve cost-effective solutions in order to obtain the absolute best result for our clients. We deliver greater returns at a lower cost to our clients and operate seven days a week, so you get the advice and assistance when you need it.

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