Constructive, Efficient, And Effective Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Salerno Law specialises in litigation, investigations and ADR whilst deploying extensive experience to assist you in achieving pragmatic cost-effective outcomes. We regularly assist clients’ domestically and internationally with both general and narrow commercial litigation disputes whilst finding commercial results for our clients.

Experts In All Forms Of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Whilst legal proceedings can be stressful, it is most advantageous and cost-effective to resolve matters as early as possible gain regard to the associated costs with drawn-out litigation. Our practitioners include accredited mediators and senior practitioners who have participated in ADR processes throughout every jurisdiction in Australia and also overseas. Our lawyers are experts in alternative dispute resolution and attempt to resolve matters without the need for protracted litigation.

Our Areas Of Practice

Our experts have a reputation for achieving exceptional outcomes for our clients across all state and international jurisdictions. We frequently act and appear on behalf of clients not limited to:

  • General commercial litigation

  • Arbitration

  • Expert determination

  • Early neutral evaluation

  • Mediation and conciliation

Whilst advising in all areas of commercial disputes, Salerno Law frequently engage junior and senior counsel that assist in the complexities of opinion and advocacy on behalf of our clients. Our personal approach to examine the complexity and nature of each dispute ensures that our clients are partnered with practitioners that understand their desires and objectives in delivering practice, direct and pragmatic advice tailored to their needs.

Book Your Consultation

If your case can be settled without going to court, this is usually best for everyone. To find out if alternative dispute resolution is appropriate for you case, book a consultation with an expert at Salerno Law. Call us on +61 7 5575 8011 to get in touch with our QLD office or +61 8 9169 2206 to reach our WA office.