The Human Element In Environmental Law & Planning

The Salerno Law Environmental Law and Planning practice covers all areas, in particular:

  • assisting with all planning applications to councils
  • negotiations with the council on approval conditions
  • dealing with objections
  • advice on any planning decision and prospects for appeal
  • taking a decision on appeal to the Planning and Environment Court
  • advice on State and Council environmental regulations, compliance and breach notices

Planning and environment laws are incredibly complex and working through each element require legal and other industry expert advice which is achieved through a team approach. Salerno Law has extensive experience and a record of success to give you confidence in engaging our team for your project.​

Environmental law is considered an area of law in which regulations and public policies are consistently being revised and adapted to fit current climate demands, which leads to confusion and uncertainty for those who are governed by these ever-changing laws. Salerno Law is a the forefront of these amendments and ready to help you throughout your project. With vast experience in Planning and Environment courts through Australia, we understand the importance of advice before taking on an appeal. Acquiring correct and up-to-date advice early can help avoid mistakes that put prior approvals at risk.

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The team at Salerno Law understand that town planning law can involve complex details and that there are noticeable distinctions between each region and council. we understand that rural areas differ from urban sites and that each government body adheres to separate policies and abide by their individual restrictions.​

From heritage-listed buildings to large-scale high-rise applications, Salerno Law has represented clients through all stages of development and planning. We provide clients with appropriate advice and guide them through development applications, renovations, council approval conditions and many more. We simplify the process by drafting agreements with builders, architects, councils and town planners alike to streamline the process for our clients.

We Have Expert In Every Field

We can specifically assist with:

  • planning applications
  • land and property development
  • heritage-listed buildings
  • town planning disputes
  • Planning and Environment Court
  • defending persons against environmental enforcement action

Please contact the team at Salerno Law if you require legal experts in this field. Our services create a smooth and efficient process, where individuals to businesses alike can rest assured that their environmental law and planning matters are in safe hands.

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