Lyn Harris

Lyn is the Conveyancing Manager looking after a team of Senior Conveyancers. Lyn grew up in Williamstown.

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Allison Mckee

Allison is an integral member of our Conveyancing team. Originally from New Zealand, Allison has spent the last two decades in Australia. Most of Allison’s working life has ….

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Brooke Mcconchie

Brooke has over 17 years experience in all matters relating to conveyancing. Throughout her legal career, Brooke has assisted in and managed many…

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Sally Dalgleish

Sally has over 35 years conveyancing experience and has recently moved to the Gold Coast from Victoria for a change of lifestyle.

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Justine Bond

As our Senior Paralegal, Justine’s focus is on building relationships with our clients whilst ensuring that we are known as a company which focuses…

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Naomi Perry

As our Corporate Manager, Naomi focuses on building relationships with individual and corporate clients…

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