The Human Element In Government Law

Government law is a sensitive area of law with significant and far-reaching implications. These laws hold the responsibility to implement regulatory frameworks that are in the interests of the public and private sectors.

Our team often provides clients with advice on government laws and their associated regulatory frameworks. When providing advice in this regard, the regulations often have elements of commercial law and involve complex and ambiguous sections which are difficult to comprehend for even the most experienced legal practitioners.

Further to providing clients and businesses with advice in this area, our team has also advised local, state and federal governments in many different aspects of government law.

Constructive, Efficient, And Effective Government Law Practice

With vast experience in business and corporations dealing with regulatory schemes and government bodies, our clients, both public and private, trust our simplified and easy-to-understand advice on everything government and regulation.

We have worked with clients to advise on internal policies, corporate governance and commercial law. We are very experienced in litigation and consistently lead effective and successful litigation proceedings in this area of practice.

Providing Advice On Regulatory Frameworks

We often deal with entities and individuals alike who require advice on a range of different regulatory frameworks. To determine whether a client falls within the parameters of a framework or legislation, our team assists in defining the product and ensuring all areas are covered to provide confidence.

Salerno Law consistently deals with independent government bodies such as the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), where we provide clients advice on financial systems and products and determine whether ASIC or other bodies have the authority and jurisdiction to impose compliance.

We have also successfully represented clients in large matters against the Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) and understand the intricate process of dealing with intimate and highly sensitive matters to negotiate positive outcomes.

Our Services

Our reputation for excellence in government law draws the nation’s best practitioners in the field. We are experienced in all areas of government law, including:

  • Advice and representation throughout CCC processes
  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating commercial contracts

  • Governance and compliance processes

  • Government procurement

  • Tender Process

  • Legislative advice and interpretation on local, state and federal law

  • Managing government property transactions, litigation, and dispute resolution

  • Funding agreements

If you are in the public or private sector and need legal advice on all governing legislation, contact our highly experienced lawyers who can simplify and clearly articulate your tasks and obligations under the applicable frameworks.

Book Your Consultation

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