The Human Element in Insolvency and Bankruptcy

In conjunction with the litigation team, Salerno Law presents extensive experience and knowledge in all areas of insolvency, bankruptcy and debt recovery. Our insolvency lawyers offer professional experience in aiding creditors, trustees in bankruptcy, liquidators and bankrupts in navigating their way through the legal framework governed by the Bankruptcy Act 1966 and the Corporations Act 2001.​

Salerno Law’s insolvency professionals not only advise on matters of bankruptcy and insolvency but welcome the opportunity to assist clients but not limited to:

  • Personal guarantees
  • Asset protection and restructuring
  • Personal property securities registrar (PPSR)
  • Securities
  • Security enforcement

Professionals In Debt Recovery

We at Salerno Law understand that bankruptcy and insolvency can provide unwanted distress upon clients which may result in debt recovery proceedings prior to bankruptcy and insolvency.​

At Salerno Law, we pursue debts on behalf of clients in a broad range of industries to recover debts in a quick and astute manner, whilst keeping legal costs to a minimum. Depending upon the terms of the arrangement in which the debt arose, Salerno Law may propose several options to you as follows:

  • Letter of demand
  • Initiating court proceedings
  • Enforcing court judgements
  • Commencing bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings
  • Seizure of assets by court order

Should you be served with a Bankruptcy Notice, Creditor’s Statutory Demand and/or debt recovery proceedings, we recommend that you contact our Salerno Law professionals without delay in order to protect your interests.

Book Your Consultation

If your case can be settled without going to court, this is usually best for everyone. To find out if alternative dispute resolution is appropriate for you case, book a consultation with a professional at Salerno Law. Call us on +61 7 5575 8011 to get in touch with our QLD office or +61 8 9169 2206 to reach our WA office.