Transferring Title of a Property After Death

When a loved one passes away, it is a difficult period that is made more difficult by the requirement to administer their estate. The largest and most intimidating asset to administer within an estate is often real property – the family home or plot of land – and due to the financial and sentimental value of such an asset, it is important to deal with it quickly and with as little trouble as possible.

In circumstances where the deceased person is the sole owner or holds an interest in the property as a tenant in common, a transmission application can generally be used to transfer the title of the property from the deceased to the beneficiary that is receiving the interest in the property under the Will or to executor of the estate so they can deal with it according to the terms of the Will.

If you have been appointed as an executor of a deceased estate or if you are a concerned family member or beneficiary, please contact our Wills & Estates Team to discuss whether a transmission application would be appropriate in your situation. Our Conveyancing Team will also be happy to discuss any further work, as necessary.

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