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Our team of lawyers provide clear and timely advice and services on all areas of Wills and Estates law Australia-wide. Given that the legislative requirements for the construction and content of Wills, their execution, probate and administration and more changes from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is highly beneficial to engage legal experts who are well-versed in these rules and regulations across all areas of Australia.

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The Will is a document that clearly sets out assets and liabilities (and much more) to be dealt with after your death.
As this is such an important document, having a professional prepare a bespoke Will to reflect your wishes is a must. There are requirements as to the form and substance of Wills that aid in their execution and interpretation and it is these intricacies that we can help you to easily navigate.

When you have been named as the executor of a loved one’s Will and they have recently died, you may be feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work that needs to be done to administer their deceased estate. The process often requires the collation of documents and communication with authorities such as the Supreme Court Registry. Our Estates team are experts in this process and will walk you through it step-by-step, allowing you and your loved ones to grieve.

Ensuring that the loved ones you leave behind are financially looked after is one of the most important things on people’s minds when they are contemplating the future, but it is more complex than just writing a simple Will for yourself at home that says person X should receive everything and where you want to be buried. In order to ensure that the division of your estate is executed properly, see us today about providing for loved ones or causes close to your heart upon your death.

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