Cliff Savala (Managing Partner, Salerno Law) is the head of the Aviation Law Department at Salerno Law. Cliff has extensive experience in acting and advising in relation to compensation claims for aircraft related matters.

This includes acting for companies, individuals and families affected by helicopter crashes in New South Wales, Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia. In addition, Cliff acted in the tragic plane crash which occurred at Hamilton Island in 2002 and is currently acting in one of Australia’s most significant and catastrophic helicopter accidents.

Cliff’s 25 year legal experience in aviation matters has included him dealing with the ATSB, CASA, the Coroners Court, Australian Federal Police and local police during the investigation and prosecution phase of an aircraft crash. Thereafter, instructing appropriate aviation experts and Kings Counsel during the civil litigation phase to ensure the best possible outcome for the affected companies, individuals and families.

The laws surrounding aviation claims are complex and therefore it is essential that legal advice from an expert aviation lawyer is obtained. In this regard, international conventions apply and importantly the normal limitation period for bringing a personal injury claim is restricted to 2 years from the date of the incident.

At Salerno Law, the expert lawyers in our Aviation Law Department are able to provide the best legal advice to companies, individuals and families affected by aircraft related accidents having unique experience in acting in Australia’s most significant aviation matters.

Please contact our Mr Cliff Savala ( should you require any assistance or have any legal queries pertaining to any aircraft related matter.


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