Our team has both personal and business interests in commodity trading, to back their legal experience and expertise across the spectrum of commodities.

For example, a team member has previously been a director of a nonwovens manufacturing business in Australia, involving both domestic and international commodity sales and “overs and unders” arrangements with other nonwovens manufacturers around the globe.

Darren worked for 3 years as an inhouse counsel with Arco Coal Australia Inc, working alongside its Marketing Team in relation to all coal commodity sales from the Kestrel and Curragh mines.

Darren also acted in a 66.432mt tonne Coal Sales Agreement arbitration with Stanwell and Gladstone power stations.


  • commodity trading contracts

  • shipping contracts

  • agency and marketing arrangements

  • advising on trade structures, contract drafting, financing, litigation and arbitration

  • physical and derivative commodity contracts

  • long term supply projects (including pre-pay, off-take and term supply contracts)

  • day to day trading and operational issues, including standard form trading documentation


We act for an international commodity broker and trader in relation to international and domestic trading of a range of commodities.

Lead advisor in relation to all long term coal supply arrangements for the development of a coal fired power project of in excess of 600MW.

Acted on the development of a mine mouth coal supply arrangement for a coal fired power project of in excess of 1000MW. Being a mine mouth feed project where the whole of the coal mine’s production would be consumed by the one power station, the long term coal supply arrangements were more closely centred on period confirmation of remaining JORC reserves and control of work to maintain the required reserves.

Acted in relation to numerous commodity sales arrangements both in and outside of Australia, such as the long term gas purchase arrangements for the Gove Alumina operations, Bauxite and Alumina sales arrangements for Alcan, various mineral sales arrangements for Monto Minerals Ltd, gold and base metals arrangements in Australia and PNG.

  • Matteo Salerno
  • Darren Fooks

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