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  • Darren Fooks


Darren Fooks has worked for over 25 years in development of infrastructure throughout Australia, as well as the infrastructure, transport and logistics projects including mines, rail, energy, port and aviation, on shore and offshore gas projects and traditional and renewable power projects.

Darren has acted in the development of over 100 major projects in Queensland over the last 25 years, including development of rail projects, water collection and distribution projects, infrastructure supply arrangements and standalone energy projects such as the Wambo Wind Farm near Warwick, Queensland.

Cliff Savala has worked in litigation and arbitration to resolve aviation issues including crash incident issues.

Cliff has also undertaken Supreme Court proceedings involving Transport, Logistics and Infrastructure clients throughout Australia.


  • development of infrastructure projects as standalone business
  • arrangements for supply of power, water, gas etc

  • aviation, shipping, trucking & shipping litigation/arbitration

For almost all project developments we have acted on (including, real estate, energy, mining, manufacturing and oil & gas developments) we have negotiated and drafted arrangements for any required rail, road, port, electricity and water access. This has included both arrangements for supply of 3rd party infrastructure, as well as the development of infrastructure specifically for the project.

Acted for Peabody as a member of the development consortium for development of the NCIG Port and the NCIG Port extension. This involved development of the documentation for establishment, financing and ownership arrangements.

Acted for QCoal Pty Ltd in relation to all aspects for infrastructure supply for its Queensland mines, including Tolling Agreements, Water licencing and PPAs.

Acted for the Queensland Government in relation to compulsory acquisition of the corridor required for development of a water pipeline from the coast to Ipswich.

Acted for the developer of the SUDAW rail project.Acted for GOC Ports Corporation of Queensland in various port capacity assignments and reformatting of provision of port capacity.

Acted in the sale of a truck hire business with a significant fleet of trucks, including preparing all transfer documents, obtaining lender payout figures, obtaining PPSR discharges and coordinating the transfer of title.

Acting for various air tour operators and plane hire companies, to establish the hire agreements and other commercial agreements.