We have over 25 years of direct experience in Project Development, including property, mining, manufacturing, traditional power, small through to utility sized renewables projects, oil and gas, offshore and onshore projects.

In additional to legal experience, our team members have direct, personal business experience, for example:

• Founder, equity holder, developer and director of a nonwovens manufacturing facility in Ipswich, Queensland.

• Founder, equity holder and legal advisor for a large sized coal seam gas project in Turkey.

• Founder, equity holder, developer and director of a 30 MW combined wind PV and Diesel firming power project near Warwick, Queensland.

• Founder, equity holder, developer and director of Ringers Western Trading Pty Ltd, a country stye clothing manufacturer and retailer.

• Founder and equity holder of a Venture Capital company that invests in and develops critical minerals and energy renewables projects aimed at the Net Zero economy.


  • designing, strategising and implementing project approvals

  • all legal aspects of project financing

  • all legal aspects of capital raising

  • documenting inputs, offtakes, legal structuring, land acquisition and commodity sales arrangements


Monto Minerals Ilmenite Mine: Advised on all issues relating to development and operation of the Monto Minerals Ilmenite Project. This included development of underlying mineral sale arrangements to enable bankability, third party access to infrastructure, indigenous negotiations, all necessary project approvals, development of access to rail and other infrastructure, review of all environmental issues, and project management of the development of the project.

Wind Farm Development: Development of the Cubico owned 500MW Wambo Wind Farm Project (Queensland).

Solar Farm Development: Advising ACG in relation to development or a number of Australian Solar Farm developments.

New England and Ashford dual Solar Farms and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS): Acted in all aspects for development of two associated solar and BESS projects in the Regional Grid with Essential Energy.

Utility Scale Solar Projects: Acted in the development of a number of utility scale solar projects in Queensland.

Acted in all aspects of development of the Sonoma Coal Project. This included mining lease approvals, environmental approvals, landowner negotiations, special infrastructure development under the State Development and Public Works legislation, rail, port and electricity access, closing public roads and all day-to-day legal issues in development of the project. As well, this matter involved a Federal Court action taken by an environmental group alleging the Federal Minister for the Environment failed to properly consider Climate Change in relation to EPBC approvals for the project. We successfully defended the Federal Court proceedings.

  • Lyn Harris
  • Allison Mckee
  • Brooke Mcconchie
  • Sally Dalgleish
  • Justine Bond
  • Naomi Perry

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