We specialise in all aspects of Intellectual Property and Trade Mark Law. We have over 25 years’ experience in advising clients on all aspects of Intellectual Property and Trade Marks. This includes advice both on Australian Law and also the Law in other jurisdictions.

Our team have provided legal advice on all areas of the law relating to Intellectual Property and Trade Marks as it pertains to individuals, small businesses and also multinational corporations. We help clients with registering their intellectual property, protecting their intellectual property and also enforcing their legal rights when there are breaches of their copyright/trade mark.

In addition to legal experience, our team also has personal business experience. In this regard, Cliff Savala sits on the board of Australia’s fastest growing clothing brand and as part of this role provides legal advice as to intellectual property as it relates to matters such as products, digital content and branding.

Our team also have considerable experience in assisting new ventures (including apps, gaming, forex trading, cryptocurrency related businesses and sport related websites) with advice from their inception as to how to best protect and enforce their intellectual property.

Our team are at the forefront of the latest developments in the digital world and how it can affect businesses who wish to protect their intellectual property.


  • enforcement of intellectual property rights

  • IP and brand protection

  • IP audits

  • commercialising IP


We assist on all legal requirements of IP protection, enforcement and recovery. Our Intellectual Project and Trade Marks Team is experienced and capable in IP enforcement.

We manage significant brand portfolios including strategic filing advice and clearance searches through to the registration, defence of registrations enforcement and recovery of trade marks, domain names and associated company and business names, and IP

Acted in a number of the most difficult and challenging intellectual property cases in Australia.

Acted for the client by drafting trade mark applications, lodging these with IP Australia, and negotiating with IP Australia to overcome Adverse Examination Reports.

Acted for a number of small and medium-sized businesses regarding infringement of their registered trade marks and opposing potentially infringing trade mark applications, and/or negotiating agreeable outcomes for the clients.

Acted for various small and medium-sized business in relation to applying for and obtaining trade marks (word and/or logo).

  • Luke Mckavanagh
  • Steve Hodgson

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