Cliff has worked for 25 years as a lawyer specialising in Insurance Law. This included his time as Special Counsel with Moray & Agnew and also as a partner with Lee & Lyons. Both of these firms are considered as preeminent insurance law firms operating in Australia. During this time, Cliff acted for insurers in relation to all areas of insurance and this included personal injury claims, professional indemnity claims, product liability claims, aviation claims and claims pertaining to the construction industry.

As well as the team advising insurers based in both Australia and overseas, legal advice is also provided to individuals and companies as to their rights to bring claims under insurance policies. This includes property damages claims (including floods), professional negligence claims (including medical negligence, architect/engineer negligence, etc) and injuries/damages caused during the operation of aircraft.

The team have recently been involved in significant litigated insurance matters in the Federal Court, NSW Supreme Court, NSW Court of Appeal, WA Supreme Court, WA Court of Appeal and QLD Supreme Court.

The team’s unrivalled experience working for both Plaintiffs and Defendants in litigated insurance claims ensures that clients receive the best possible legal advice at every stage. This is from the first consultation until the conclusion of proceedings.


  • providing advice as to policy issues and coverage

  • defending insurance claims brought against entities

  • bringing claims against insurers when indemnity is denied or where there is dual insurance coverage

  • acting for both Australian and overseas insurers

  • advising self-insured entities, including local councils


Acting for the insurer of a flooring company who were a defendant in proceedings brought by a Plaintiff who slipped on flooring at a wedding which was allegedly unfit for purpose. Liaising with the insured and also the insurer client who was based in France. Fully defending the claim which was brought in the District Court of Victoria

Acting in various claims brought by Plaintiffs in jurisdictions throughout Australia and made against Australian based entities who were insured with European based insurers. This includes cases in the Supreme Courts of NSW, ACT, WA, VIC and QLD.

Acting for an overseas insurer client in relation to numerous personal injury claims brought in relation to Australia tourists injured whilst on holidays overseas.

Advising the owner of a leisure centre who was denied indemnity for a personal injury claim at its premises.

Advising self-insured entities (including supermarket retailers and sporting venues) in relation to personal injury claims.

  • Cliff Savala
  • Antoni Berardone
  • Thomas Adamson

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