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NRL Looks Off Fiat Currency, Moves Towards Crypto

March 10th, 2022|Cryptocurrency, Sports|

The popularity of cryptocurrency has begun to permeate every area of modern life and it seems that Friday night footy is no exception. The NRL recently announced its entry into a minimum three-year deal with Brisbane-based digital currency exchange Swyftx which will include naming rights to the in-game video referee review system known as ‘The Bunker’. Outside of Australia, the sponsorships and partnerships that have developed between elite sporting teams or leagues and crypto-connected businesses are becoming mainstream news.

Improving Prospects of a Successful Insurance Claim

March 1st, 2022|Insurance|

The recent catastrophic flooding in Queensland and New South Wales has had a devastating impact on both people and property over a huge portion of Australia. If you’ve been impacted by such flooding, insurers will play a pivotal role in getting you back on your feet. Insurance companies may, in natural disasters such as flooding, delay, underpay or deny valid claims made by affected individuals and businesses. It is, therefore, essential that the correct steps are taken in the moments following such an event to reduce the risk either no or adverse action being taken by insurers.

Cryptocurrency in Wills: What Happens When you Die?

February 28th, 2022|Cryptocurrency, Wills & Estates|

Cryptocurrency and digital assets are becoming more prominent today. For individuals and businesses alike, these assets can range from small sums to millions of dollars. Currently, the cryptocurrency industry is worth around $101 billion worldwide. As these currencies continue to grow, they are becoming a popular investment and those who possess them are looking to make sure they can distribute them to family and loved ones when they pass. It is becoming regular practice to see digital coins and cryptocurrencies as assets in deceased estates. But is not as easy as just writing the asset into your Will. If these assets are not dealt with correctly, they could be extremely difficult to retrieve, and are sometimes never recoverable.

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