For most people the purchase of a business is more important than the purchase of their family home as it is the source of their livelihood and income. It is a major financial transaction.

There are many hurdles and pitfalls in buying a business and it is therefore critical that prospective buyers get the right legal advise to avoid costly mistakes and unnecessary stress.

A solicitor’s role is not to make commercial decisions for a prospective buyer but rather to assist a buyer reach an intelligent and informed decision acting upon timely professional advice. An experienced solicitor can assist a prospective buyer by striking a balance between commitment and detachment and help the critical examination of the intended purchase.

White in these tough times it is important to get value for money, it is also equally important to deal only with experienced and trusted professionals who will protect your interests so that you get true value for money.

Selecting a solicitor who is the cheapest is no guarantee that your interests will be best protected.

At Salerno Law, Senior Consultant Damien Ingwersen brings a wealth of knowledge to assist and protect our clients across all aspects of a business sale or acquisition.

Damien has been a lawyer for more than 45 years with extensive experience in the purchase and sale of businesses in Queensland and New South Wales, and in leasing matters, both commercial and retail.

If you’re looking to buy or sell a business, be sure to think of Salerno Law for the best experience on the Gold Coast.